Online working

Online working plays one of the key roles in Creative Steps 2.0 workshop. WHY? Creative Steps methodology is supporting internationality and how else can you connect persons with tremendous geographical distances between them than by working ONLINE?


As its said sooner, Online working plays highly important role in Creative Steps 2.0. How is it used in practice? Entrepreneurs are present at the meetings through remote connections. Remote online collaboration is indeed a more ecological way to work than traveling between countries as it is expensive and time consuming. With the right choice of virtual tools, it is possible to carry out the group work very efficiently. By integrating several tools, you can form workspaces even at the same time! Nowadays, online working skills are becoming one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs to have.

The goal of Creative Steps 2.0 process is to give participants the opportunity of online working by explaining the use of tools in different phases of the work. Coaches need to guide participants throughout the process and make sure that the content and functions of each platform are clear to the users.

The key term of Creative Steps 2.0 workshop and methodology is creative online collaboration, which means that appropriate online working tools are selected and used in different phases of the work with diversity and creativity.


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